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Required Trac Refactorings

Some of the Bitten features require extensions and refactorings of Trac itself to allow seamless integration. This page describes the required work and tracks the progress made.

File Annotations


To integrate the display of metrics such as code coverage or style problems into the Trac repository browser, the trac.mimeview framework needs to be extended to allow annotation of files in an extendible way.


Preliminary support for custom file annotators has been checked in to Trac in r1764. The API will need further refinement to deal with additional annotations, for example:

  • The user should be able to select which annotations are shown. By default, only line numbers are displayed.
  • The current implementation assumes that every annotator provides one annotation type, and adds exactly one column to the rendered table. We might need to allow an annotator to contribute multiple columns (but probably still all belonging to a single annotation type?)
  • There needs to be a way to deterministically order the annotation columns. Line numbers first, some columns before the actual content lines, some columns after, etc.
  • In addition, annotators may not (only) want to add a column, but also do things like give a line a certain background color.
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