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Bitten includes a mechanism to send out notification mails whenever a build has failed (or succeeded, if required).

The notification mails contain the revision number of the build, the author name and the build log.

Notification Example:

Failed build of MyProject [32]
Changeset:             32 - <http://trac.mydomain.com/changeset/32>
Committed by:          author
Build Configuration:   main
Build Slave:           client
Build Number:          30 - <http://trac.mydomain.com/build/main/30>
Failed Steps:
Failure Log:


The mechanism employs the trac notification system and uses most of its options of the [notification] section of trac.ini, specifically:

Option Description
smtp_enabled activates mail notifications
smtp_default_domain the domain to be appended to not fully qualified usernames
smtp_server the smtp server to use
smtp_user smtp server username
smtp_password smtp server password

For an indepth description of the trac notification system and its options please refer to the Trac documentation.

To further adjust the notification behaviour you can use the following options:

Option Description
notify_on_failed_build notifies on failed builds (defaults to True)
notify_on_successful_build notifies on successful builds (defaults to False)

Configuration Example:

smtp_enabled = true
smtp_default_domain = mydomain.com
smtp_server = smtp.mydomain.com
smtp_user = admin@mydomain.com
smtp_password = 12345
notify_on_failed_build = true
notify_on_successful_build = true

See also: Documentation

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