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Below are the options available for version 0.6 of the Bitten slave, as reported by the slave itself. Some parameters like username/password can also be set in slave configuration file.

prompt> .\bitten-slave --version
bitten-slave-script.py 0.6b3

prompt> .\bitten-slave.exe --help
Usage: bitten-slave-script.py [options] url1 [url2] ...

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --name=NAME           name of this slave (defaults to host name)
  -f FILE, --config=FILE
                        path to configuration file
                        the username to use for authentication
  -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        the password to use when authenticating
  -P, --ask-password    Prompt for password
  --form-auth           login using AccountManager HTML form instead of HTTP
                        authentication for all urls

    -d DIR, --work-dir=DIR
                        working directory for builds
                        name pattern for the build dir to use inside the
                        working dir ["build_${config}_${build}"]
    -k, --keep-files    don't delete files after builds
    -s, --single        exit after completing a single build
    --no-loop           exit after completing a single check and running the
                        required builds
    -n, --dry-run       don't report results back to master
    -i SECONDS, --interval=SECONDS
                        time to wait between requesting builds
    -b SECONDS, --keepalive_interval=SECONDS
                        time to wait between keepalive hearbeats

                        write log messages to FILENAME
    -v, --verbose       print as much as possible
    -q, --quiet         print as little as possible
    --dump-reports      whether report data should be printed

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