Edgewall Software

Here is one sample build recipe, with comments below.

<build description="Building System"
 <step id="Checkout">
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Checkout start"/>
   <svn:checkout url="file:///C:/Trac/Repo/project" path="" revision="${revision}"/>
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Checkout complete"/>
 <step id="Build">
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Build start"/>
   <sh:exec file="msbuild.exe" args="project.sln @C:\\Builds\\utils\\logger\\msbuild.rsp"/>
   <x:transform src="msbuild-output.xml" dest="msbuild-result.xml" stylesheet="..\\utils\\logger\\msbuild.xsl" />
   <sh:exec file="type" args="msbuild-result.xml"/>
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Build complete"/>
 <step id="Smoke Test">
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Test start"/>
   <python:exec file="C:\Python25\Scripts\qmtest.py"
                args="-DC:\\Builds\\tdb report -o..\\PreDist\\results.xml c:\\Builds\\PreDist\\results.qmr"/>
   <x:transform src="C:\\Builds\\PreDist\\results.xml" dest="test-results.xml" stylesheet="C:\\Builds\\Utils\\logger\\qmtest.xsl" />
   <report category="test" file="test-results.xml" />
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Test complete"/>
  <step id="doxygen" description="Generate Documentation">
    <sh:exec executable="doxygen" args=".doxyfile" /> 
  <step id="rsync" description="Update Trac Doxygen">
    <sh:exec executable="rsync" args="-rvz --delete doxygen_output/ user@trac-server:doxygen_output" /> 
 <step id="Package">
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Predist start"/>
   <sh:exec file="C:\Program Files\NSIS\makensis" args="c:\\Builds\\project.nsi"/>
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Predist complete"/>


  • Checkout: Checks out the latest source into the build directory.
  • Build: Uses MSBUILD to build the project, using a custom logger (see here) and an .xsl file to make the output from the logger useful (based on the msbuild2ccnet.xsl file mentioned on the link)
  • Smoke Test: Uses qmtest to run a database of tests, and report the results via bitten. The tests themselves are AutoIt scripts.
  • Doxygen: Doxygen documentation can be built using Bitten. Then the server hosting Trac and using the Doxygen plugin is updated using rsync.
  • Package: Finally, if all the above succeeds, use NSIS to create an install package that can be deployed on the target system.
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