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Running the Bitten Slave Locally

Running the build recipe locally is a useful pre-commit validation of changes on a development machine. In that case it is important not to delete the files of the working copy, and to build in a specific directory, so that the recipe can be run without doing a full checkout, which is much faster. The command is:

bitten-slave --keep-files --work-dir PATH --build-dir PATH recipe.xml

recipe.xml represents the location of the bitten recipe. If it is a local file, the slave will run the build locally, without connecting to a bitten master. So calling bitten-slave recipe.xml with the following trivial recipe.xml

<build description="Building System"
 <step id="The first step">
   <sh:exec file="echo" args="Hello World"/>

will produce this output:

[INFO    ] Executing build step 'The first step'
[INFO    ] Hello World
[INFO    ] Build step The first step completed successfully
[INFO    ] Build completed
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