Edgewall Software

Getting source code

If you need more that a plain look at the source code then there is a Bitten Subversion repository:


The latest source code can be checked out with the following command:

svn co http://svn.edgewall.org/repos/bitten/branches/0.6.x bitten-0.6.x
# or
svn co http://svn.edgewall.org/repos/bitten/trunk bitten-trunk

You can use https for an encrypted connection, which also helps getting around firewalls that doesn't play nice with WebDAV protocol used by Subversion.

If you have a recent version of Setuptools installed, you can just do:

easy_install http://svn.edgewall.org/repos/bitten/branches/0.6.x
# or
easy_install http://svn.edgewall.org/repos/bitten/trunk/

See also Download page for getting released source bundles.

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