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Adding a Custom Chart To Bitten

The bitten build page can show custom charts with over-time information such as the number of tests run/passed with each build, the number of lines of code in each build, etc.

Some basic steps for adding a chart to the build page.

  1. In the report directory create a new Python file with an implementation of IReportChartGenerator. I based my new implementation on testing.py. The generate_chart_data() method is used to gather the data to chart from the database. Note: I used a new category name (e.g. "performance" instead of "test").
  1. In the template directory create a new template to use to generate the chart configuration XML. I based mine on bitten_chart_tests.cs.
  1. Add the new Python file into the entry_points.txt file in Bitten's EGG-INFO directory. Add a new line in the "[trac.plugins]" section that points to the file you've just created.
  1. Add a new line in your trac.ini's "[components]" section to enable the class you've just created.
  1. Restart Trac and the new chart should appear on the build page.

You can inspect the XML your new Python file feeds the chart software by going to the "/build/<build name>/chart/<category>" page of your Trac install.

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