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Inter Trac Extension for Trac Links

(since 0.10)


An Inter Trac link is used for referring to a Trac object (Wiki page, changeset, ticket, ...) located in another Trac environment.

List of Active Inter Trac Prefixes

PrefixTrac Site
tAlias for trac

Link Syntax


The link is composed by the target environment name, followed by a colon (e.g. trac:), followed by a regular Trac Links, of any flavor.

That target environment name is either the real name of the environment, or an alias for it. The aliases are defined in trac.ini (see below). The prefix is case insensitive.

For convenience, there's also an alternative short-hand form, where one can use an alias as an immediate prefix for the identifier of a ticket, changeset or report: (e.g. #T234, [T1508], [trac 1508], ...)


It is necessary to setup a specific [intertrac] section in the Trac Ini for the Inter Trac facility, in order to associate a prefix to other Trac sites, and for defining environment aliases.

Example configuration:

## -- Example of setting up an alias:
t = trac

## -- Link to an external Trac:
trac.title = Edgewall's Trac for Trac
trac.url = http://projects.edgewall.com/trac

#trac.svn = http://repos.edgewall.com/projects/trac 
# Hint: .svn information could be used in the future to support svn:externals...

Now, given this configuration, one could create the following links:

Anything not given as explicit links (intertrac_prefix:module:id) is interpreted by the remote Trac, relying on its quickjump facility.

See also: Trac Links, Inter Wiki

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