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Milestone 0.6

Completed 13 years ago (Mar 11, 2011, 12:00:00 PM)


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Trac plugin

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For version 0.6 (11 March 2011):

  • Compatibility fix for Python 2.6 HTTPBasicAuthHandler issues
  • When checking to delete pending build, handle case where config may not exist.
  • Set 'Content-Length' header on keep-alive requests.
  • Make sure slave reads attachments as binary files.
  • Fixed handling of configurations that point to deleted branches.
  • Fix hg:pull command for Trac 0.12.

For version 0.6b3 (21 October 2010):

  • Basic support for Trac 0.12, supporting just a '(default)' repository.
  • For Trac 0.12+ and DVCS repository connectors, shortened revision numbers will be displayed.
  • Attachments via <attach /> command is completely redone to eliminate serious performance issues.
  • Removed sorting of revisions received from Trac as they are already sorted chronologically. Use rev_time if any other sorting is needed.
  • Moved Report Format from wiki to distributable documentation.
  • Use Genshi NewTextTemplate for uniform notification template syntax.
  • Fixed issue in use of drop index during database upgrade on MySQL.
  • Added upgrade script to fix sequences on PostgreSQL tables.
  • Fixed missing field in group by clause that caused lint report submission to fail.
  • Coverage context menu links correctly, and Coverage from browsing will locate the most recent annotation between currently browsed revision and previous change for file.
  • Set 'Content-Length' header on master-slave communication.
  • Fix for an issue where a renamed/deleted config would crash timeline if a build with this config was in range.
  • Shell output encoding improvements.
  • Redirect after login will now redirect to same /builds url.
  • Improved command-line calls on Windows, using shell for built-in commands and scripts (like java:ant).
  • Improvements to the hg:pull command.
  • Support linking to individual steps on builds.
  • Safer parsing of java:junit xml in case an optional attribute is missing.
  • Delete attachments properly in some corner cases where incomplete builds are cancelled or invalidated.
  • Improved error messages for failed Python recipe commands specified via a module or function.
  • Added timeout limiting for shell and python recipe commands.
  • onerror attribute can now be specified on <build> elements as well as <step> elements.
  • Charts now only show if there's applicable reports, and restrict themselves to the versions of the active configuration.
  • Times shown in the ui are now consistently times from the master, and not inter-mixed times between the server and slaves, which caused skew issues.
  • Steps are now shown while in-progress, and builds are considered aborted based on the time since the last interaction with the serve, not since starting. Slaves now send keepalive messages to the server to avoid timing out during long build steps.
  • Fix reference to database field in pylint report generation to solve issue running query on PostGreSQL.
  • Report charting re-implemented using Flot.
  • Svn commands gained username, password and no_auth_cache options. Verbose flag now behaves less cryptically.
  • No longer create 'snapshots' directory in environments of new projects (initenv).
  • Added page on upgrades to distributed documentation.
  • New utility script for removing duplicate builds encountered when upgrading.
  • Add 'Platform' to Build web display and notifications.
  • Other minor fixes.

For version 0.6b2 (12 September 2009):

  • Slave-only install changed to ./setup.py --without-master install (or any other valid distribution command).
  • Tools namespace changed to http://bitten.edgewall.org/tools/. Both new and old namespace will work, but Admin will issue a deprecation notice when using the old namespace.

For version 0.6b1 (10 September 2009):

  • Python 2.4 is now required for slave, while master should still work using Python 2.3 (as is also Trac 0.11 minimum).
  • Switch to using HTTP for communication between the build master and build slaves. This means the build-master executable is no longer needed or installed, the build simply runs in the scope of the Trac site.
  • Build recipes now need to include instructions for performing the checkout from the version control repository. The slave no longer receives a snapshot archive of the code, but performs the checkout itself based on the instructions in the build recipe.
  • Many fixes for compatibility with more recent versions of Trac, and Bitten now requires Trac 0.11.
  • The administration interface is now properly integrated with the Trac web administration component.
  • Unicode (non-ascii) support for recipes and command-line input and output.
  • Improved authentication support in bitten-slave, including support for the popular AccountManager plugin.
  • New command-line execute() using Python subprocess module that in particular improves the situation for slaves executing commands on Windows.
  • Build logs are moved from database and into project log/bitten directory as text files.
  • Slave-only install now possible by running 'python setup-slave.py install'.
  • Fixes related to creating and deleting builds correctly, including database upgrade to avoid thread race conditions.
  • Some improvements to the Admin user interface for creating/editing configurations and platforms.
  • Attachment support for configurations and builds, including a new general <attach> command to use in recipes.
  • <hg:pull> command added.
  • Many fixes and improvements for pre-existing commands.
  • Improvements for coverage, lint and test summary display.
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